DIY tips for dirt cheap designer jeans

Designer jeans are all the rage today with many different designers offering many different styles.  Not many of us, however, can afford to buy the jeans, especially after taking a gander at the sticker price.  No worries, you can create your own designer jeans at home for a fraction of the cost, yet the entire look.

Designer jeans come in different styles.  The distress look is one of the hottest trends of the moment.  There are many ways to make your ordinary jeans into distressed jeans.  To start put your jeans on a flat surface.  Use a cheese grater to fray the jeans slightly and then a piece of sandpaper to further create the distressed look.  Once you have the jeans looking as distressed as you want them to, take a cotton ball soaked in bleach and rub around the area of the hole.  This will create a distressed look in no time at all. For more emphasis, rip off a pocket in the back and slightly bleach the area too.  After you finish distressing your jeans, be sure to throw them in the wash to complete the look and get rid of the excess bleach.

Another popular style of designer jeans uses crystals to add some “bling” to the jeans.  You can purchase these crystals yourself in a crafts store and attach them to your jeans in any pattern you like.  The crystals are available in many different colours and sizes as well as shapes.  This is a great way to express your creativity and show how unique you truly are.  Since this is a work of your own, you can bet nobody else will have the same pair.

Other great ways to manufacture your own designer jeans are to iron on patches and decals.  It is so easy to design your own decals online with photo editing software and specialty printing paper to create a pair of jeans all your own.

Despite the hefty price sticker on designer jeans, they remain popular.  To save money, you can design your own using a variety of methods.  You can distress your own jeans with a bit of bleach and some sandpaper or affix crystals to your jeans in designs.  You can also go the extra mile and design your own decals to iron onto your jeans.  Experiment with different ways and you will never find yourself envying a pair of designer jeans off the rack again.

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