Season proof your wardrobe to get the most bang for your buck

It’s the change of a season and you’re dreading it because you can see the numbers adding up as all of your clothes will have to be replaced.  Wrong!  There are ways that you can season proof your clothing so that what you wear in the summer is still viable in the winter and vice versa.  Add accessories to your outfits and make them last through several months and utilize basic items already in your closet for the maximum saving power.

Accessories are a girls’ best friend, so use them!  Accessories come in all different styles – belts, purses, necklaces or anything you use to complement an outfit is considered an accessory.  Use your accessories throughout the seasons to match your outfits.  In the winter time add a scarf to your outfit – it will keep you warm and exude fashion sense.  Do not be afraid to be bold in your statements if that is your nature.  By reusing accessories you will be creating new looks inspired by the season change.

Mix and match your basics.  We all have basic items in our wardrobe, whether it is a pair of black slacks for any occasion or a pair of jeans and a tee shirt collection.  These basics carry over to the different seasons without any trouble.  Mix and match with these basics for different colour combinations that will last all year long.

In the cooler months, you can layer tees and create a new look that way.  Sweaters can be layered over your basic items in months where you feel a little cool, then removed when the weather warms up.  The same remains true for skirts. The new trend is to wear tights under your skirt when it gets too cold out to go bare legged; boots will complement the outfit. In the summer months, you can remove the boots and tights and add a pair of sandals or chic dress shoes.

When you are shopping for clothes, keep in mind the usage of the items.  Cotton items are good for all seasons and so are other textiles such as silk and satin.  Light wool can typically be worn year round as well.  Neutral colours are your best bet for basic items and include beige, tan, black, white and grey.

The changing of the seasons does not have to be a budget breaker.  Keep a few coordinating accessories in your wardrobe along with a few basic items that are neutral in colour.  Using the these tips and your own imagination, you can have a fashionable and affordable collection that will last you through all of the season changes.

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